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Alt-Right-Friendly Social Network Gab Raises $1 Million to ‘Say F*CK YOU Silicon Valley Elitist Trash’

This week, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, and Cloudflare have condemned — by cutting ties with a neo-Nazi website, suppressing vitriolic content, and suspending accounts — white supremacy. Even OkCupid got in on the action, banning alt-right organizer Chris Cantwell. But alternative social network — we’re not calling it Twitter for Nazis, but we’re not not calling it that — wants no part in that movement. Instead, it’s doubling down on crowdfunding to bolster the “ad-free social network for creators” in the name of “free speech.” Its raised over $500,000 in the last five days, bringing total funds raised to over $1 million. The fundraising campaign still has another 22 days to go.

Earlier this summer, Gab — which has a green frog logo which looks, well, like a Pepe — offered to hire James Damore. Damore, in case you forgot, was fired from his job at Google after publishing a ten-page memo detailing the “biological” inferiorities of his female colleagues.

Alt Social Network Raises $1 Million