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Everyone’s Favorite Meme-Famous Crying Kid Gets Another Visit From the Reporter Who Made Him Cry

Two years ago, 4-year-old Andrew Macias was totally excited for his first day of preschool at City Terrace Elementary in Los Angeles. Or he was until Courtney Friel, a reporter from KTLA-5 stuck a microphone in his face and asked him if he was excited for prekindergarten. “Yes,” Macias replied. Then she asked if he was going to miss his mom. “No,” Macias said, followed by a giggle which turned into some of the most adorably sad weeping the internet has ever seen. It went, unsurprisingly, viral and then, as viral stars often do, we all forgot about Andrew.

Well, almost all of us did. KTLA-5, capitalizing on the two-year anniversary of their clip, caught up with Macias to chat this week. He’s now 6 and heading off the first grade. He’s still shy and he’s excited to go back to school. (Macias’s mom also spoke with KTLA-5, noting she was just offscreen during the infamous clip and was never upset with Friel for asking the question.) And, when Friel asked the infamous question again — “Are you going to miss your mom?” — Macias had a different answer. “Yes,” he said. No crying followed.

Viral Crying Kid Gets a Visit From Reporter Who Made Him Cry