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Magical Viral Video of Guy Making Ice With His Mouth Is, for Once, Not Fake

To begin. I need you to watch this Twitter video. In it, a guy cracks open a bottle of water and pours it into his open mouth. And then the seemingly impossible happens — a pile of slushy ice begins to form atop his tongue.

“Witchcraft,” you might find yourself yelling at the screen. “It’s fake,” you might say, if you’re a hater. Neither would be correct. The secret behind the trick — from what I’ve gathered from watching some highly informative YouTube videos — is supercooled water, or water that doesn’t solidify, even when cooled past its freezing point. You can make your own using plastic water bottles and your freezer. Fill one water bottle with tap water and the other with distilled water and pop them in. Once the tap-water bottle freezes solid — again, YouTube says between two to three hours — the distilled bottle should still be liquid. From there, you can take that supercooled bottle of water and pour it — gently, too much pressure or sudden movement and it’ll freeze in the bottles, which is also cool, but not the point — over a cold surface, like an ice cube or a chilled piece of glass.

If you try this for yourself, please film it and send me the clips. Be sure to include details about whether or not you got brain freeze. Thank you in advance.

How Does This Guy Make Ice With His Mouth?