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Take a Look at These Beautiful Statues One Last Time Before the Libs Tear Them Down

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Unite the Right protest this past weekend was about, among other things, protecting a Civil War memorial statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Yesterday, in solidarity, protesters in North Carolina tore down a Confederate memorial statue and stomped all over it.

This caused actor and conservative commentator James Woods to worry that rabid libs, fiending for more statue blood, would begin tearing down other memorials. He used the Marine Corps War Memorial, which depicts soldiers at Iwo Jima, as an example. Because liberals hate all American armies, not just the racist ones, I guess?

Anyway, long story short, people are clowning on Woods by applying the text of his tweet to other non-Confederate sculptures.

There are many more here.

James Woods’s Bad Statue Tweet Becomes a Meme