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Police Twitter Roasts Kid Who Thought He Was Vaping in Front of a Cop Car

Photo: @BlakeAlbert228/Twitter

A good Twitter burn is a delicate thing. It requires nuance. It warrants a delicate touch. (For reference: See here the most perfect Twitter roast in history.) Today, we honor the police department in Lawrence, Kansas, who have perfected the art form. After a kid tweeted a video at them of his friend vaping in front of what he believed to be a police car, whoever runs the Lawrence PD twitter was quick to correct the mistake and let Blake — who notes on Twitter he is not in the video, he just took the video — know the car was not one of theirs.

That feeling when you fight the law and the law, errr, uh, water-sanitation industry, wins.

Police Roast Kid Who Thought He Vaped in Front of a Cop Car