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This 10-Year-Old’s Superhero (‘Janet’) Is So Good, Everyone Is Making Fan Art of Her

Meet Janet. A green-skinned superhero who “cuts people in half with giant scissors.” She’s the creation of a 10-year-old named Luca who drew Janet at art camp earlier this summer. Janet rules.

After Luca’s mom, writer Amanda Mancino, tweeted the first picture of Janet, people started to take notice. I mean, just look at Janet. What’s not to notice. She’s got great skin. Some efficient-looking scissors. And apparently the branch in her hand is “a twig that she smacks the jerks down with.” Again, Janet rules.

Not that you could top or improve Janet in any way, but people have started replying to Mancino’s tweets with their own takes on Janet. Janet fan art, if you will.

There was even cosplaying.

“She could be anybody, but she’s not like anybody,” Luca told Cosmo. “She’s really strong, in her mind and her body, and she does her own thing. She doesn’t have time for jerks. And she doesn’t give warnings. Janet is my perfect hero.” In conclusion: Janet rules.

This 10-Year-Old’s Superhero Is So Good Twitter Made Fan Art