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OkCupid Bravely Bans White Supremacist

White supremacist Chris Cantwell was banned from OkCupid this week.

Today, in an act that didn’t feel at all like posturing for attention as a number of other tech companies and websites condemn Nazis, dating site OkCupid banned alt-right organizer and white supremacist Chris Cantwell.

It’s unclear how long Cantwell had been using OkCupid, but it seems unlikely that he just joined this week. He probably didn’t wake up on Monday, following his starring role in a Vice News Tonight episode chronicling the events in Charlottesville, and say, “Today’s the day I make an online-dating profile.” “We’re not nonviolent — we’ll fucking kill these people if we have to,” Cantwell told Vice in the episode. He also described his reasons for wanting an “ethno-state”; said that “blacks are killing each other in staggering numbers from coast to coast”; and characterized Ivanka Trump’s marriage to Jared Kushner — she converted to Judaism for him — as Trump “giving his daughter to a Jew.”

Cantwell didn’t just pop up out of nowhere on Saturday. He’s been spewing racist, bigoted vitriol for years — “I’m not even a Hitlerite but I’m like ok, let’s fucking gas the kikes and have a race war” — which means, ostensibly, that for at least part, if not all of that time, he was also dating on OkCupid. He just hadn’t been reported, yet. But this week, somebody, perhaps after seeing him armed with both hate speech and guns in the Vice segment, reported Cantwell’s profile on the dating site. So this was the week OkCupid decided to permanently ban him. And then tweet to make sure everybody knew what they had done.

OkCupid Bravely Bans White Supremacist Chris Cantwell