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Meeting Over Crown Heights ‘Bullet Hole’ Restaurant Goes Poorly Enough to Become a Local Meme

Photo: Scott Heins/Gothamist

In yet another stage in the seemingly unending saga of Summerhill, the controversial Crown Heights restaurant, a community meeting last night has produced an iconic photo making the rounds on New York Twitter. Summerhill invited controversy this summer when a press release for the restaurant talked up “bullet holes” (really just a damaged wall) as part of the authentic appeal, leading local residents to call out the insensitivity of the framing. Last night, owner Becca Brennan explained herself, as Gothamist reported. She said of the bullet-hole remark, “I’m sorry I have a sense of humor.”

The picture, captured by Scott Heins, quickly started making the rounds as a textbook illustration of gentrifiers who just don’t get it.

BuzzFeed writer and podcast host Tracy Clayton got off a few jokes about the photo.

Brennan, meanwhile, appears to have gone dark since Crown Heights residents vowed to shut the restaurant down.


Perfect Photo of Meeting Over ‘Bullet Hole’ Restaurant