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4chan Isn’t Dealing So Well With Steve Bannon’s White House Departure

Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

In today’s Trump-administration Friday news dump, the New York Times reports that Trump’s infamous senior strategist Steve Bannon is out at the White House. A source close to the matter told the Times Bannon had actually submitted his resignation notice on August 7 and the announcement had been pushed back following the violence in Charlottesville. The Wall Street Journal attributes Bannon’s resignation to his disagreements with Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly. Politico says Bannon’s “tactics and behavior” ultimately did him in. And Reddit and 4chan, well, they’re bummed no matter what lost Bannon the job.

Over on 4chan, users are discussing whether or not they’ll continue to support Trump now that Bannon is gone. While there’s some support for a Bannon-free Trump administration, the bulk of comments mourn the senior strategist in some, uh, colorful language. Here’s a sampling of comments from the thread. (You can read it in full here. We’ve lightly edited — as in, took words out of all-caps internet shouting voice and tweaked some typos — to make them easier to read.)

“Now Trump’s advisors consist of his family and the generals. Very frightening.”

“Fuck this fucking Drumpf faggot. Bannon was /ourguy/. Every time Trump messed something up, I told myself ‘well, at least Bannon is still on board.’”

“Bannon was the main one I liked.”

“No Bannon means Trump is solely advised by kikes and his neocon generals now.”

“His [Trump’s] whole cabinet is neocons, neoliberals and Jews now.”

“Bannon being there was a promise. Yeah, stuff wasn’t happening or happening slowly but his presence said “eventually it will happen”. Trump needs to actually accomplish things now with him gone. I want to actually see the wall and see tax reform and trade reform.”

“Bannon was the last Christian in the White House, so no. Not going dem or anything just no longer supporting GOP.”

“I’ve un-ironically given up hope for this administration now that Bannon’s out. Still better than the dems, but not good by any means. It’s just your average kosher neocon republican administration now.”

There’s a similar conversation happening over on Reddit, too. Though it’s slightly — thank you, moderators — more tame.

Meanwhile, Twitter reaction has been everybody making the same joke about Trump taking down a pro-Confederacy statue at the White House. The statue, of course, being Bannon.

4chan Is Real Bummed Steve Bannon Is Out