RNC Makes Kayleigh McEnany Its National Spokesperson

Real news.

Kayleigh McEnany has spent most of the Trump presidency lending credence to the mogul’s claim that CNN is “fake news.” Until Saturday, the cable network employed McEnany as a political commentator, thereby allowing its viewers to get both sides of such arguments as, “If it’s okay for Hillary Clinton to campaign with a rapper who uses the word pussy, then how can it be wrong for Donald Trump to grab women by their genitalia without their consent?” and “Was Barack Obama president of the United States in 2002?”

But over the weekend, the Harvard-educated Christian conservative announced that she was moving on from CNN. Now, instead of playing the role of pro-Trump propagandist on a cable news network, she’s playing a cable news anchor in pro-Trump propaganda.

On Sunday, McEnany delivered the week’s “real news” in a 90-second video on Donald Trump’s Facebook page. Anthony Scaramucci’s firing, Robert Mueller’s new grand jury, and the leaked transcripts of the president’s (humiliating) conversations with foreign leaders didn’t make the cut. Instead, we learned that Donald Trump is personally responsible for last Friday’s jobs report beating expectations; the president will increase wages for low-income Americans by keeping out legal immigrants; and the White House is finally doing right by our veterans.

On Monday, the Republican National Committee reaveled that McEnany will also be delivering the “real news” as its new national spokesperson.

“I am excited to be joining the RNC at such an important and historic time in our country,” McEnany said in a statement from the RNC. “I’m eager to talk about Republican ideas and values and have important discussions about issues affecting Americans across this country.”

“McEnany has years of experience developing communications strategies and key messages serving as a correspondent covering both foreign and domestic news and events,” the statement goes on to say.

Here are a couple of the “key messages” that McEnany helped develop.

Say what you want about McEnany: She knows how to communicate Republican ideas and values.

RNC Makes Kayleigh McEnany Its National Spokesperson