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Teen Goes Fishing in Seat Cushions for Missing Debit Card, Finds Actual Fish

It all started with a trip to Taco Bell. When Zola Cheyenne Hayes couldn’t find her debit card after a taco run the night before, she started digging through her car. Which was how, to her horror, the 19-year-old Californian found a tiny, dried-up fish in between the seat cushions. “I was looking for it when I saw something that looked like a leaf,” Hayes told Select All. “I definitely did scream. Like, it’s pretty scary to look at a leaf and have it look back at you.” Hayes posted several photos of her discovery on Facebook, where they’ve been liked and shared over 100,000 times.

Hayes has a theory on how the fish wound up meeting its demise in her car. At first, she thought one of her friends had put the fish in her car as a prank, but now she believes it came from the car’s previous owner. “My mom actually gave it [the car] to me two weeks ago today, and she had had it for a few months before,” Hayes said. “She lives in Oregon, so I think the previous owner had it and probably used it to go fishing. It’s a small fish, so I think that it was used for bait. It probably just got out of the box.” As for what she plans to do with it, Hayes said she named the fish Grant, and he’s currently chilling in a plastic bag. “I might prank my friends with it.” RIP, Grant. Thank you for your service in the name of viral content.

Teen Goes Fishing Between Seat Cushions, Finds Actual Fish