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Trump Retweets Meme of Him Eclipsing Obama, Clearly Not Realizing He’s Bringing Total Darkness Down Upon the Earth

Trump retweeted an eclipse meme earlier on Thursday. Photo: Twitter/Donald Trump

Just when you thought Eclipse Twitter — of which the only good part was that picture of Trump appearing to stare directly into the sun without protective glasses — was through, Donald Trump gave it a second life. Earlier on Thursday, the president retweeted an eclipse meme starring … himself. It was tweeted at the president by a pro-Trump YouTuber named Jerry Travone and reads “THE BEST ECLIPSE EVER!” over a four-panel image of Trump sliding in to eclipse a black-and-white photo of Barack Obama. (Which, for the record, was ripped from a 2016 New York interview with President Obama.)

If there’s anybody in the science world who hasn’t resigned from the Trump administration with an acrostic, they should probably tell their boss the meme doesn’t technically make him look good. In it, Barack Obama is the sun, while Trump is the moon. Which means, if we’re to analyze this meme as though the two men were their corresponding celestial bodies, Obama is the consistent thing that provides light and life to the planet. Trump, by contrast, orbited in just long enough to block out the sun — totally, in some places — and cast shadows upon the Earth. Read into that what you will.

Trump Retweets Meme of Him Eclipsing Obama