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The World’s Hottest Video Game Is Home to the Best Pranks Online

Photo: VEGETA777

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer “battle royal” video game in which armed players compete to be the last person alive on a desolate island, has only been out for a few months, but millions of players have picked it up — and created incredibly stupid and funny new shenanigans every week.

There’s a big section of the player base that’s playing to, well, win, but there’s also a considerable number of people dropping into games and messing around. The biggest new trend is “stream honking,” which I’m going to try to explain without sounding stupid or crazy. It takes its name from “stream sniping,” the practice of watching a livestreamer’s broadcast to find out their position and then go pick them off. (Battlegrounds counts stream sniping as a punishable offense, though it’s difficult to prove.) Anyway, last week, the game received an update that added car horns to the vehicles players can drive. So instead of watching streamers in order to find and fight them, players are watching streamers so they can get within range and honk their horns constantly, disrupting the viewing experience for anyone watching.

Otherwise, it’s still stunts both impressive and confounding. On the former, we’ve got a very long bike jump that ends unfortunately for a player named “Weed_Man.”

Here is a squad of players united by their lack of pants. Slowly, new players infiltrate the group, and then in a flash of gunfire, it all goes south when players realize that the other naked participants are not what they seem.

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