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Donald Trump Errantly Faves Tweet Saying He’s ‘Just Not Presidential Material’

It only took a few weeks, but Donald Trump has finally learned the difference between “heel” and “heal.” He properly used the latter in a tweet on Friday morning with some observations after his visit to Texas amid Hurricane Harvey, “Texas is healing fast.” But that didn’t stop people in the replies from mocking Trump’s well-documented history of Twitter typos. Including one tweet that called Trump “not Presidential material,” which Trump then, for reasons unknown, faved.

It’s one of just 14 tweets the president has faved from his personal account. The majority of the others are from family members and allies — Donald Jr., Melania, Ivanka, Mike Pence, and Fox & Friends — though his first fave, a tweet from back in 2013, calls Trump out as “self-possessed,” not “self-aware,” and having “hurt the GOP.” Perhaps Melania Trump — who once sub-faved Donald by liking a tweet about her secretly hating him — could teach her husband a thing or two about how Twitter works. Actually, perhaps anybody who has ever used Twitter ever could teach him a few things.

Trump Mis-Favs Tweet Saying He’s ‘Not Presidential Material’