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Snapchat’s Next Dancing Hot Dog Is Your Bitmoji in Augmented Reality

Snapchat is introducing Bitmoji world lenses.

Remember the dancing-hot-dog Snapchat filter? The headphone-wearing, break-dancing wiener who filled our Julys with so much joy and an unnameable tune we couldn’t get out of our heads. Now, the hot dog is you. Snapchat announced today it is rolling out new world lenses — the AR lenses which work while you snap from the rear-facing camera — featuring users’ custom Bitmoji.

Snapchat acquired Bitmoji for $100 million back in March 2016, much to the joy of moms everywhere. Since then, the company has added several ways to use your custom cartoon, including chatting with friends and showing your location on the Snap Map. Prior to today’s release, you could also find 2-D versions of your Bitmoji in lenses; these options will still be available. But who is going to want to use those when you have a 3-D version of yourself — with the addition of some creepy eyes that make you look like a Keane painting — you can now insert into your videos and pictures. Snapchat’s new filters will be available to all users on both iOS and Android today.

Snapchat’s Next Dancing Hot Dog Is You