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You Can’t Sneakily Screen-Record Snaps in iOS 11, But You Can Capture Instagram DMs

‘Gram safely, my dudes.

Built-in screen-recording, which allows you to — you guessed it — record activity on your screen with a press of a button, is one of the many cool, new features available in iOS 11. And while this is all fine and dandy, the feature has raised some concerns when it comes to privacy, specifically the privacy of everyone’s most sacred content: their Snaps.

Many had worried that — due in part to the newness of iOS 11 — the standard notifications that get sent when someone screenshots a private snap wouldn’t yet be enabled for those who tried to secretly record messages and stories on popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Thankfully, it seems like Snapchat was more than prepared for this update, as screen-recording a snap totally still sends the poster a push notification identical to the one you get from regular ole screenshots.

But while your nudes and triple-chinned selfies may be safe, your artfully crafted coffee-shop layouts aren’t: Tests revealed that using screen-recording in Instagram Direct doesn’t alert the sender that their content has been captured. Whoops! It’s likely that Instagram will put out an update to patch this bug in the future, but until then, ‘Gram safely, folks.

Thanks to iOS 11, Your Instagram Messages Might Be in Danger