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The Pause Pod, Despite Its Appearance, Is Not a Child’s Tent for Adults, But Rather an Invention That Will Transform and Disrupt the Workplace

Gadgets: They’re amazing. We love gadgets, because they’ve changed our lives in so many ways. They make us more efficient, more productive. Here’s a new gadget! It’s called the Pause Pod!

Hmm … I’m hearing a lot of you saying “that’s a tent,” and quite frankly, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the Pause Pod, it’s very different from a little tent for children. It’s for professionals who can’t get through the day without succumbing to sensory overload, like a puppy or a hummingbird. Insider, a site that has never met a Kickstarter it didn’t love, calls it “a sanctuary from the outside world.”

The secret of the Pause Pod is the Leg Pouch (not the official term), which gives you room to lie down. Here’s how it works: You stick your legs in the pouch and then all of your co-workers can see you taking a nap in the middle of the floor and it forms a tripping hazard for your colleagues who might stumble over you taking a nap at work and snap their necks.

The Pause Pod: It’s a Workplace Hazard!™️ It retails for $199 but you can buy it for 50 percent off. I’m not gonna tell you how. Google it.

The Pause Pod, Despite Its Appearance, Is Not a Child’s Tent