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This Is My Meme. No Six-pack, No Bulging Biceps, and a Little Chubby. Don’t Like It, Unfollow.

#FuckTheHaters #Happy.

Today’s hottest new meme is brought to you by the Twitter feed of Austin Armacost, who describes himself as a “Celeb Big Brother Runner Up & *ALL STAR* (The A List NY).” On Wednesday morning, Armacost tweeted out a photo of himself in a swimsuit, fishing not, as one would expect, for fish — but for compliments!

As everyone knows, there is no greater internet sin than the humblebrag, and Twitter, being Twitter, had a field day with this simple declaration — it’s imbued with that lovely, punchy joie de vivre that can only come from the tweets of a C-list celeb — and off it skyrocketed into the annals of Meme History.

This Is My Meme. No Six-pack. Don’t Like It, Unfollow.