Trump Calls Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ in Most Presidential Tweets Yet

Hail to the tweet. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

After a long week of cutting deals with Democrats and establishing himself as the independent the country has been waiting for, President Trump understandably needed to blow off a little steam.

On Sunday morning, Trump unleashed an old-fashioned, 15-tweet barrage, exhibiting the kind of sound judgment and statesmanship that Americans have come to expect from their 45th president.

First, he referred to Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man,” presumably in reference to the classic Elton John song and to the fact that the North Korean leader will soon be capable of destroying American cities with nuclear rockets.

He then went on a retweet binge, amplifying the voices of some of America’s finest citizens — including one with a fondness for soliciting sex from celebrities — who had lined up to praise him for being strong, powerful, and strong. (He also included an attack on a New York Times reporter for good measure.)

Most notably, he retweeted a video from Twitter user “fuctupmind,” which features Trump hitting a golf ball that appears, through the magic of video editing, to strike Hillary Clinton in the back, causing her to fall down.

Today, once and for all, is the day Donald Trump truly became president.

Trump Calls Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ in Presidential Tweets