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Twitter’s Secret Tweetstorm Feature Would Let You Plan Your Whole Thread Before Posting

Twitter threads — a way to tell longer stories on Twitter through linked tweets — can be great. Great for clowning Roger Stone. Great for telling important stories about Obamacare. Great for shaming a bad date. They also require a little bit of forethought, so you’re not hanging yourself with a bad take by the time you reach tweet 23 of 23. But apparently, Twitter might solve that problem.

According to screenshots provided to the Next Web’s Matt Navarra, Twitter might be considering a feature that would let users write out their entire thread before posting it simultaneously. (TechCrunch reports that the feature was not being publicly tested, and Twitter declined to comment on the screenshots, which appear to be from an Android phone.)

Just think of the possibilities. (Select All has reached out to Twitter for comment and will update this post if we hear back.)

Twitter (Maybe) Has a Secret Tweetstorm Feature