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Uber Struggling to Get Itself Together in Asia

Photo: Dimas Ardian/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Things aren’t going great for Uber Stateside — the FBI is currently investigating Uber for its “Hell” software, which allegedly tracked Lyft drivers to give Uber a competitive edge — and across the world, the ride-hailing company’s Asian outposts aren’t doing so hot, either. The company is being reviewed by the Justice Department for allegedly violating foreign bribery laws. According to a report from Bloomberg earlier on Wednesday, Uber “has embarked on a review of its Asia operations and notified U.S. officials about payments made by staff in Indonesia.”

The company and its law firm are looking into Uber’s business practices in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea. One source close to the matter told Bloomberg that an Uber employee bribed police in Jakarta to smooth business operations in the region. (That employee has since been fired.) Another possible issue involved Uber paying the Malaysian government to “influence lawmakers.” An Uber representative told Bloomberg that the company is complying with the investigation.

Uber’s troubles in Asia aren’t, unfortunately for new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, limited to its potential violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Earlier this summer, the company came under fire after it was revealed that it leased cars to drivers in Singapore, knowing the cars were faulty and at risk of combusting.

Uber Struggling to Get Itself Together in Asia