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Uber’s New Feature Will Tell You Just How Terrible of a Passenger You Are

Uber’s new features include passenger review and not driving in London anymore. Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Starting today, if you’re a jerk to your Uber driver, you’ll hear about it. As part of its “180 days of change” apology tour, Uber is launching a new feature that allows drivers to review their passengers (in full detail!) following an unsavory trip.

According to the Verge, it works like this: If your Uber driver rates you four stars or lower after you finish your ride, they’ll be prompted to explain why. Drivers can choose from a list of common reasons to properly explain just how shitty you were. Options include: “wait time,” “patience,” “number of riders,” “attitude,” “wanted new route,” or “other.” (Shockingly, “blew chunks all over my backseat” is not yet available.) If you receive the same note more than once in a 30-day period, Uber will let you know you’re being a bad passenger through a push notification.

The notification also supposedly reminds problem riders that continuing to engage in these bad habits will tank their Uber rating. And while that’s probably not the most fun message to read when you’re hopelessly drunk and in deep Brooklyn, it’s significantly better than the radio silence riders had been treated to before.

Until now, passenger ratings had been mostly shrouded in mystery. You could see your rating. You could proudly boast about your unusually high rating to your friends. But you couldn’t ever really put your finger on why and how that number got there. With the implementation of this detailed passenger-review system, though, things might be changing. While only time will tell whether passive-aggressive push notifications will do anything to change passenger behavior, it seems plausible that the feature could result in a better experience for both riders and drivers alike.

Uber Will Now Tell You Just How Terrible a Passenger You Are