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You Can Now Find Thousands of (Fre)eBooks Through Google

Your lord and savior.

You may not have been to your local library in years, but Google has. The company recently added a new feature to its search function that instantly connects you with eBook data from libraries near you. Now, every time you search for a book through Google, information about your local library rental options will be easily available.

Yeah, that’s right. Your local library not only still exists, but it has eBooks, which are things you can totally borrow (for free) online! Before, this perk was hidden somewhere deep within your local library’s website — assuming it had one — but now these free literary wonders are all yours for the taking.

So long as you have location services turned on for Google, any and all book-related searches will bring up the new Get Book tab. From there, you can see rental and purchasing options from a variety of sources — including your local library! If you tap the link to borrow the free eBook, you’ll be taken to a page asking for you to either sign in or sign up with your local library. After that, you can rejoice and take comfort in the luxury of a truly free eBook — none of that awkward “interpersonal interaction” needed.

You Can Now Find Thousands of (Fre)eBooks Through Google