You May Soon See a Lot More of Chris Christie on TV

Photo: MSNBC

Chris Christie’s term as New Jersey governor ends in January and his highly public search for future employment now has him eyeing a spot with cable-news giants CNN and MSNBC. The wildly unpopular Republican, who has the approval rating of a rush-hour traffic jam, has had discussions about a gig with both networks, CNN reports.

A second act as a talking head would suit Christie, who first rose to national prominence by loudly berating opponents in front of TV cameras. But it obviously wasn’t his first choice. A year ago this time, Christie was making (literal) burger runs for President Trump in hopes of landing a position in his Cabinet. But as Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon recently revealed, Christie lost his shot at an appointment when he wouldn’t support Trump’s endorsement of sexual assault. He also tried to get Trump to use his germy cell phone, a faux pas in Trumpland.

After missing out on a White House job, Christie mulled a few other opportunities. First, he flirted with becoming a meme by closing down a state beach, which he then visited with his family, exposing himself to an endless stream of criticism for the blatant abuse of power. Then he auditioned with WFAN, hoping to take over for the blubbering “Sports Pope” Mike Francesa. The network passed on Christie, likely because he’s a Cowboys fan from Newark, rendering all of his sports opinions obsolete.

Now, Christie has moved on to a potential second act as a TV pundit, a gig that should be easy for him to land. We’re currently living in boom times for conservatives who are willing to criticize Trump on anything, and Christie has been honing those chops. Here’s a clip of a recent appearance on Chris Hayes’s MSNBC show, where he criticized Trump for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio and defending neo-Nazis after Charlottesville, but ultimately defended Trump’s tendency to tell big dumb lies — just what one would expect from a good “manservant.”

You May Soon See a Lot More of Chris Christie on TV