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Amazon Wants You to Wirelessly Unlock Your House to Let in Delivery People

Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s newest business model — Amazon Key — involves a smart lock, a security camera, and putting a whole lot of faith in Amazon itself. For $250, the company will sell you the lock — you’ll have a few brands to choose from, including Yale and Kwikset — and an Amazon Cloud Cam, a new camera from Amazon that you’d set up inside your house to monitor activity. (Installation is included in the price tag.) Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to order something on Amazon and have it delivered inside your door without having to be home. Instead of you opening the door, couriers will scan a bar code at your door. Amazon will then approve the code, which prompts the Cloud Cam to start recording. After delivering your package, Amazon will lock up your house again. You can also use Amazon Key, like any traditional smart lock, to let people into your home remotely using an app. With the added benefit of also being able to film them in your absence.

The service will officially be available on November 8 for customers in 37 states. (Amazon Key currently does not allow for third-party operations to deliver to your home, so it’s not available in states where Amazon doesn’t do its own deliveries.)

Would You Let Amazon Into Your House While You’re Not There?