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Couples Costumes That Are So Bad They’re Almost Good Are Taking Over Twitter

Couples-costume idea: Roy Horn — of Siegfried and Roy — and a tiger. Photo: Lennox McLendon/AP

It’s that time of year again. The dreaded time of year when couples feel the need to display their togetherness in the form of Halloween costumes. (The rest of us just dress up like dumb memes that we’ll spend the entire night explaining.) In anticipation of the big day, couples-costume ideas have become this week’s best Twitter meme. Mostly because all of the costume ideas are painfully bad.

The joke — according to Know Your Meme — seems to have gotten its lift from costumes inspired by old Vines. Here’s a good (“good”) one featuring a still from the infamous “So No Head” clip. (If you’re reading this and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, start by watching this first.)

Since then, the couples-costume meme has grown beyond just Vine-related looks to include, well, anything you can split in two. George W. Bush and the shoe that hit him. Rihanna and the wine glasses she’s so fond of leaving restaurants still clutching. (Actually, that last one is good.) Anything.

Like all good memes, this one will undoubtedly be dead soon. Mostly because Halloween will be over soon. And also because good memes don’t ever last long.

Couples Costumes So Bad They’re Good Are Taking Over Twitter