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A Mad Bull Chase Went Down in Brooklyn Today

Not the cow on the loose, but still a cow. Photo: Sven-Erik Arndt/UIG via Getty Images

There is a cow on the loose in Brooklyn. Somewhere near Prospect Park. I don’t really know what else to tell you other than that. There’s a bull. It’s loose. Authorities are now trying to capture it.

It’s been some time since we’ve had a good old-fashioned animal chase here on the World Wide Web. The great llama chase of 2015 was in, well, 2015. And we haven’t had a good “bear in swimming pool” sighting since June 2016. So please enjoy this livestream, which is, admittedly, not as good as previous animal chases we’ve collectively enjoyed via Twitter. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers. We’ll be updating this story until the bull is captured.

While we wait for that inevitability, here are some good bull tweets to pass the time.

Update, October 17, 2017, at 1:06 p.m.: It appears the bull has finally been cornered by the authorities. Thus ends the Brooklyn bull chase of 2017.

Editor’s note: The bull itself is not, to our knowledge, mad. The chase for the bull, however, could be characterized as such.

Additional editor’s note: A previous version of this post wrongly identified the bull as a cow. Select All deeply regrets the error.

A Mad Bull Chase Went Down in Brooklyn Today