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Burn Your Friends Using a Custom Snapchat Filter

Need to get a message through to a teenager who’s ignoring your texts? Try a Snapchat filter, like so:

The gag here involves the person in question buying an on-demand Snapchat filter reading, “TURN THE TV DOWN YOU SHIT,” placing it over their shared area, and then telling their sister to check the app. Et voilà, ya burnt. In theory, at least.

Sadly, the tweet is almost certainly staged: Snapchat has pretty strict guidelines about words it will and will not approve in its custom filters. If your filter design includes anything on the blacklist — take this from a woman who once submitted a filter reading “#JuliaLovesWieners” for a very innocent hot-dog-themed birthday party and was promptly rejected — Snapchat won’t set your filter live and will tell you to try again.

Still, there’s no reason, with the proper verbiage, this gimmick couldn’t work. If you try it — here’s our instructional guide on creating a filter on your phone — please let us know.

Burn Your Friends Using a Custom Snapchat Filter