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Equifax Says 2.5 Million More Americans May Be Impacted by Data Breach

Photo: Mike Stewart/AP

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, credit-reporting company Equifax has admitted that 2.5 million more Americans may have been impacted by the data breach that occurred this summer. This update brings the total of affected individuals to a whopping 145.5 million, or around 60 percent of the U.S. adult population.

The breach — which was discovered this July, yet only publicly announced in early September — was already the largest credit-card-related data hack in recent U.S. history, and this addition only further cements its infamy. The personal information at risk for the 145.5 million affected includes birth dates, addresses, names, driver’s license numbers, and Social Security numbers.

Equifax faces a multitude of lawsuits for their negligence, at both the state and federal level. The company’s former CEO, Richard Smith, is set to testify in front of Congress about the matter starting tomorrow.

Equifax Says 2.5 Million More May Be Impacted by Hack