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Facebook’s Stand-alone VR Headset Means No More Cables or Phones

Photo: Facebook

During today’s Oculus Connect 4 event in California, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the company is rolling out its first stand-alone — no wires or clicking your phone into the device to power it — VR headset. Called Oculus Go, Zuck said the device would be available sometime early next year and will sell for $199. Details about the device were limited, but Go will have a new controller, a fast-switch LCD display, and will work with all existing Gear VR games.

During the presentation, he also mentioned his dream of getting VR into the hands of a billion people. A goal he noted would require building a device that walked a line between “affordability and quality.” We’ll see if $199, and the Oculus Go device itself, hit that “sweet spot.” On Facebook, Zuckerberg called Oculus Go “the most accessible virtual reality experience” Facebook has built yet. “It’s great for playing games, watching movies, or hanging out with friends,” Zuckerberg also wrote. Just don’t hang out with your VR friends while touring the destructed streets of Puerto Rico. That would be insensitive.

Facebook Hopes You’ll Spend $200 on a Stand-alone VR Headset