Flake Wants GOP to ‘Speak Out’ Against Trump, But That’s It

Arizona senator Jeff Flake took to the Senate floor Tuesday to openly upbraid President Trump for undermining “norms and values that keep America strong” and threatening “the alliances and agreements that ensure the stability of the entire world.” Future generations will look back at today’s Republicans, Flake said, and ask “Why didn’t you do something?”

Given Flake’s stark portrayal of a dangerous president, it’s reasonable to expect his “something” to be more dramatic than giving a speech and retiring. So, does he think Trump should be removed from office?

No, Flake said Wednesday morning when CBS host Norah O’Donnell asked. “I don’t think any of those remedies are justified. I really don’t,” he added, mentioning that neither impeachment nor removal by the 25h amendment is the “way to go.”

Instead, when Flake implores Republicans to “stand up and speak out,” he means that quite literally. They should stand on their feet and use their voices to denounce Trump, something that appears to be as effective at slowing his advance as standing up and speaking out against a hurricane.

Flake will have a chance to back up his tough talk though in 2020, as will any other Republican who’s declared Trump a danger to the future of the country. All they will have to do is stand up and speak out as they challenge Trump in the GOP primary. Will Flake do that, he was asked on Good Morning America Wednesday? He would not say.

Flake Wants GOP to ‘Speak Out’ Against Trump, But That’s It