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These Are the 56 New Emoji Coming to the Next iPhone Update

Apple’s newest emoji.

Earlier this year, as part of World Emoji Day — a totally real, official holiday celebrated across the globe — Apple sent out a teaser video featuring its official designs for the latest batch of Unicode Consortium–approved emoji. (Unicode is the governing body that determines what types of emoji companies like Apple, Android, and the like can put out.) And today, the emoji of the future are finally here. Apple has released the official designs (in full) for each and every emoji that will soon be making its way to a keyboard near you.

The Seasonal

I’m falling in love with these ones.

Apple obviously appreciates what is undeniably the best season of the year: fall. New designs include a baseball cap, a perfectly tied ghost scarf, gloves, and a trench coat.

The Expressive


How wacky! How wild! These new smilies will finally give you a way to curse someone out via emoji while censoring yourself. (Fun fact: Despite all appearances, the emoji on the right isn’t a “rock on” symbol, but rather a depiction of the sign for “I love you” in ASL.)

The Spooky

They’re like your old favorite emoji, but spooky!

The Delicious

Yeah, you may have thought you had more than enough food emoji, but, oh boy, were you wrong. This latest update will allow you to perfectly depict any and all meals in pictograph form, with the addition of a Chinese-takeout box, stem of broccoli, pie, and dumpling emoji.

The Animals

New options include a giraffe, a zebra, an obscenely cute-looking hedgehog, a dinosaur, and a cricket. Perfect for sending to someone who’s left you on read!

The Esoteric

Ah, no update to the world of emoji would be complete without a string of absolutely bizarre additions. Safe to say, if you ever need to wordlessly convey details about your rock-climbing/skiing/curling adventure while sitting in a sauna, Emoji 5.0 has got your back.

These new emoji (plus a variety of other skin color options) will all be available on iOS 11.1.

These Are the 56 New Emoji Coming to the Next iPhone Update