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Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial Recognition

It could be like regular Bitmoji … but better.

Snapchat will soon be able to automatically create Bitmoji using just a picture of your face — at least, that’s what a recently made public patent application seems to indicate. Reported first by Mashable, the document hints at the development of a new feature that would generate custom avatars using facial-recognition technology.

Although the patent doesn’t mention any existing features or functions by name, it seems safe to say that Bitmoji will probably be involved. Snap seemed primarily concerned with the amount of time and effort it currently takes to create a Bitmoji-type avatar, saying that “there is still a need [to] improve generation of avatars and facial representations without user interaction or with minimal user interaction.”

The move doesn’t come as much of a surprise, given the company’s recent partnership with Apple to create the somewhat-terrifying iPhone X feature known as Animoji. Though only time will tell whether or not Snap’s version will be as satisfying as turning your face into a poop emoji.

Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial Recognition