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After Trump Says Obama Didn’t Call Military Families, Pete Souza’s Instagram Proves Him Wrong

Pete Souza left his post as official White House photographer alongside his former boss, Barack Obama, earlier this year — but Donald Trump keeps giving him reasons to dig photos of Obama and his colleagues out of the archives.

During a press briefing earlier on Monday, Trump claimed that Obama did not call the families of fallen soldiers as president. “The traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents … most of them didn’t make calls,” Trump said during the briefing. “A lot of them didn’t make calls.”

Trump’s claim is, of course, false. “Obama and other presidents” most certainly made calls. On Instagram, Souza posted a photo of the Obamas meeting with the parents of a fallen Army sergeant.

Souza also noted in the caption that he photographed many, many meetings like this one during his time at the White House. Several members of the Obama administration have also since spoken out, confirming that the previous president did, in fact, make calls.

This has been your update in Pete Souza Instagram shade. If you’re unfamiliar with said shade genre, please start here, with Souza’s farewell post on Inauguration Day. Then move forward to all the times Souza came for Trump in his first 100 days. And finally, this very good one about that time it looked like Melania Trump didn’t want to hold her husband’s hand.

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