Rex Tillerson: Some Days I Feel Like I Need to ‘Curl Up in a Ball’

Miserable. Photo: Alex Brandon - Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hadn’t even been in office for two months when he told the Independent Journal Review that he “didn’t want this job.” His wife, he said, “told me I’m supposed to do this.” So instead of retiring to his ranch in Texas, he went to work for a man he’d later (allegedly) call a “fucking moron.”

Tillerson has never been good at hiding his discontent as secretary of State. Early on, he reportedly ordered State Department staffers to avoid eye contact with him. Fellow administration officials perceive him as as either “inaccessible” or “grumpy” and rumors of his impending resignation began before he even made it through half a year in office. All of this was before Trump began to “publicly castrate” him, as Senator Bob Corker said, and before Tillerson had to hold a press conference to grovel to the “smart” President Trump.

So it comes as little surprise then that Tillerson would joke about being so miserable that he wants to “curl up in a ball.” The only surprise is that he let a camera catch him doing it on Thursday. The press conference explaining this one should be fun.

Tillerson: Some Days I Feel I Need to ‘Curl Up in a Ball’