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Twitter Is Working on a Bookmarking Feature, So You Can Finally Stop Liking Everything

It may not be a Nazi ban, but hey, at least it’s something!

Twitter, in a rare move, actually improved its product yesterday.

Late last night, Twitter product manager Jesar Shah announced that a new “Save for Later” feature for tweets would be coming soon to a Twitter account near you. Up until now, if you wanted to save a tweet for later, you had to like it or DM it to yourself, but that may soon be but a distant memory.

According to the demo Shah attached to her tweet, it’ll work like this: The update will replace the “send via DM” icon on the bottom right with an overflow menu (a.k.a. those three little dots you see everywhere on your phone). Inside that menu, you’ll now have both the “Share via DM” button you’ve grown to know and love, and the shiny new “Add to Bookmark” button. After you choose to add a tweet to your Bookmarks, you’ll be able to read it later by clicking on the corresponding list in Settings.

There’s no telling exactly when this new feature will roll out, but Shah invited users to contribute to the feature’s development by tweeting with designers using the hashtag #SaveForLater.

The one downside? You may end up getting slightly fewer likes as people stop using the fave system as a makeshift bookmarking feature. So go forth and like with abandon!

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Bookmark Tweets to Read Later