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Today’s Grimmest Meme Compares Election Day 2017 to Election Day 2016

Think back to what you looked like on Election Day 2016. Were you taller? Thinner? Hotter? Less wearied by the eternal stream of worrying news coming out of the then-future administration? Today’s best meme captures that evolution, comparing what you — “you” likely being an actor drastically changing appearance between two roles — looked like on November 8 last year to what you look like today.

The first iteration, posted earlier on Tuesday by Lyz Lenz, features two very different Sigourney Weavers. The first looking well-coiffed in a still from Working Girl, and the second from Alien with, uh, slightly more violent vibes.

Since then, the “Me on Election Day 2016 Versus Me on Election Day 2017” has grown some legs across Twitter. Juicero. Tom Hanks. Hermione Granger. A sock with a cat face on it. Basically anything that looks like it has seen some tough times in the last 365 days is fair game.

The anti–glow up is very real. Can’t wait to see what you all look like a year from now.


Grim Meme Compares Election Day 2017 to Election Day 2016