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‘No, Bus, Get Out of the Way! Bus! Jesus, Get Out of the Way, Bus! Are You — You — UGH! What the F***! Goddammit! Damn, Lady!’

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, which was demolished today, is no more — but if you tried to watch this morning’s implosion via the Weather Channel’s livestream, you probably missed the big event. Mostly because at the exact moment when the Dome collapsed, a city bus pulled in front of the camera and blocked the entire thing. (The livestream had been operational for nearly an hour with an unobstructed view.)

Perhaps even better than the optics of the bus pulling in front of the Dome is the audio that comes with it. If anybody knows the Weather Channel employee who was behind the camera shouting, muttering, and generally losing their mind at the missed opportunity, please buy them a drink. They need it.

[Chef’s kiss.]

Rogue City Bus Blocks Georgia Dome Demolition Livestream