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Donald Trump Pulls a Rubio and Gulps From a Big-Boy Bottle of Water

Our thirsty president.

A long, long time ago — in the year 2016 — then not-president Donald Trump mocked one of his competitors for the Republican Party’s nomination for drinking water. Yes, you read that right. Drinking water. Trump aped Marco Rubio by clutching a bottle of water on the campaign trail and shouting, “Help me, I need water … it’s Rubio!” while his supporters cheered and laughed. (Back in 2o13, Rubio paused during a 20-second response video to the State of the Union to take a swig.) Today, Trump himself took a second to clutch both of his hands around a bottle of Fiji water and take a gulp while speaking from the White House.

Dehydration. It comes for us all eventually.

Not very long after the sip, Marco Rubio weighed in on Twitter offering Trump a few tips on his drinking form.

Donald Trump Pulls a Rubio and Gulps From Bottle of Water