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Elon Musk Goes Full-on Game of Thrones, Yells ‘Shame’ at Journalists

Elon Musk. Photo: Mark Brake/Getty Images

If you’re a journalist who covered Tesla’s recent mass layoffs — and the subsequent lawsuit filed by one of the hundreds of workers in California who were recently let go — Elon Musk has one word for you, “Shame.” Literally. As in Musk uttered the aforementioned word at journalists on a corporate call yesterday. Which, naturally, said journalists went and blogged about.

From Jalopnik:

During a conference call with investors tonight where Musk addressed both the Model 3’s production problems and the company’s record $619 million quarterly loss, he yelled “SHAME” at the journalists who covered the firings, according to our own Ryan Felton, who was on the call, and numerous other reporters listening in.

On Twitter, others who were on the call are reporting the same “shame” shouting. And also something about how those particular journalists have “low integrity.”

Shaming journalists for doing their jobs, Elon? Shame on you.

Elon Musk Goes Game of Thrones, Yells ‘Shame’ at Journalists