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This Is a Christmas Card We Can All Relate To

The best thing about being with family for the holidays is realizing everybody else is achieving major conventional milestones — marriage, kids, remembering to mail the rent check before the last possible day of the month — and you’re like, “well, sometimes I tweet dumb things.” If this describes you, then you, like me, are Emily. Emily’s family Christmas card photo went viral on Twitter this week because, well, just look at it. We’ve all been an Emily at one point or another.

If this gag looks familiar to you, you probably are have (a) a good memory, and (b) spend too much time online. Several years back, a different family went viral with their card brought to you by the letter E. Except instead of “Emily,” probably because their son’s name wasn’t Emily, they went with “egg salad.”


We Are All Emily in This Family Christmas Card