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I Have Not Known Inner Peace Since Discovering ‘D se Dab’

Photo: Nickelodeon

It’s a tale as old as time: Corporations want to be very cool and hip, so they look at what the kids are doing to be cool and hip, and then they also try to imitate that behavior. The corporations never do it convincingly. Sometimes, however, when lightning strikes at just the right moment, you get true monstrosities, like “D se Dab,” starring characters from that smash-hit Nickelodeon India show we all know and love, Motu Patlu.

Just watch:

Okay! That was fun? Did you see the fidget spinner at the end? We learned some math, and I hope you all memorized the equation. As a reminder, the formula is:


Motu Patlu is apparently one of the most popular shows in India, so you would think that Nickelodeon might commit more than $14 to making this commercial, but what do I know? I’m not a TV genius (I am other types of genius). So, all of our favorite characters are dabbing now and everyone is loving it.

This is not the first foray into contemporary youth culture for Motu Patlu. The show’s website features funny memes that were clearly made by trendy children. Like this meme!

Photo: Nickelodeon

LOL (“Lots of love”), I love them. There are tons of dab remixes on YouTube, because people love “D se Dab” so much, just like they love Bee Movie. Here are some of them, please watch each one 17 times, thank you!

Nick India Dab Video, but every time the boy says ‘dab’ it gets slowed down by 7%

Nick India Dab Commercial but it’s even more cringier

Nick India dab video but im screaming the lyrics.” [Headphones up!]

Nickelodeon dab Commercial but it’s Google translated.”

The nick dab commerical but everyone is Motu.”

D se Dab but it’s plotagon.”

Thank you, Nickelodeon, for this thing I love and definitely don’t hate.

I Have Not Known Inner Peace Since Discovering ‘D se Dab’