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Tech Blogger Diplo Answers the Question on Everyone’s Mind: Is the iPhone X Paintball-Proof?

There are many unanswered questions about the iPhone X. Do I really need a $1,000 phone? Is it worth the price? Is the facial-recognition security system really that secure? Will the notch at the top of the screen make me irrationally angry? Can the iPhone feel emotions, as I do? What happens if I kiss my iPhone X? These are all great and equally important questions.

Now consider this question: Can the iPhone X stop a paintball? We’ve all thought about it, but nobody was stupid enough to try it … until now. The electronic-dance-music disc jockey known as Diplo recently took his iPhone X with him on a paintball outing. He, one assumes, kept the phone on him during the paintball match and someone shot the phone.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that the phone cracked immediately; a drop test from CNET notes that the steel-and-glass device cracked on the very first drop from a pocket-like height of three feet. Surprise, surprise, the overpriced luxury item is very delicate. So, in the future, just as a baseline rule, don’t take your iPhone X with you when you head to a paintball outing with the gang. Bruises heal, iPhone don’t (yet?).

The iPhone X Is Not Paintball-Proof