The Senators Who Have Fled Roy Moore: A Running List

Where y’all going? Photo: Hal Yeager/AP

The trickle of GOP senators who had broken decisively from Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore turned into a flood on Monday after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he “believed the women” accusing Moore of sexual misconduct (a fifth woman came forward on Monday), and urged him to exit the race. Before the allegations surfaced, five GOP senators had endorsed Moore: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, and Steve Daines. As of Monday night, only Paul was left standing. But many other senators who had merely tolerated the prospect of a clearly unqualified candidate joining them in the upper chamber made clear that Moore has finally crossed the line. Below is a running list, in reverse chronological order, of upper-chamber Republicans who have spoken up.

Total: 16 out of 52 Republicans




(Flake had previously spoken out against Moore, and said on Monday that he prefers Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.)

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The Senators Who Have Fled Roy Moore: A Running List