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This Circle Icon Is the Worst Thing About Twitter Switching to 280-Character Tweets

Photo: Twitter

Yesterday, Twitter started rolling out 280-character tweets to all its users. Instead of the classic 140-character limit, now you’ll have twice as much space to share your bad takes. If you’re worried your timeline is about to be filled with War and Peace, Twitter says in a test run most users’ tweets still came in well under the 140 mark. And even if that’s not the case with your friends, chances are you’ll get over it soon. If you’re still on Twitter after all the truly bad things happening there — see here: Nazis — extra-long tweets probably aren’t going to be the final straw.

Still, there is one thing about the new Twitter that is a pain. When the platform made the jump to 280, it deleted the character counter you would see when drafting a tweet. Instead, it replaced it with a circle icon that slowly fills in with blue the more characters you write. When you have 20 characters left, the circle turns orange and the old-school counter pops back up. Which is helpful, but it would be nice to know the whole time you’re typing just how many characters you have left.

Twitter. Fixing things that aren’t broken since 2006.

Circle Is the Worst Thing About Twitter Switching to 280