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The University of Southern California and the Curious Case of the Vanishing Football Player

Here’s a fun video clip that will make you scratch your head and help kill at least two of the minutes you have to spend at your desk today before fleeing for whatever boat, train, bus, or horse is going to transport you to your Thanksgiving destination. A video clip posted earlier this week by University of Southern California football coach Clay Helton appears to show one of his players, uh, well, disappearing.

We, and the people replying fervently to this tweet, have some theories. After going full-on Zapruder with this thing, it seems likely that player No. 80 slides out to the right of the frame while the handshake is happening and that his body is then blocked from our view by player No. 50.

It’s also possible that he dropped to the ground and rolled out of the frame, though that seems less realistic. Or that player No. 80 was taken up by aliens. Also less realistic.

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Football Player