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Should the White House Pardon the Turkey That Likes Journey or the One That Digs Faith Hill?

The fate of two turkeys rests in the hands of Donald Trump. On Tuesday, in keeping with an annual White House tradition dating back to 1989, Trump will get to choose which turkey he will pardon and which one he … won’t. To get everybody, uh, psyched for the big event, the White House tweeted profiles of the two birds earlier on Monday. There’s Drumstick, a 37-pound gobbler with a fondness for classic rock and walking “tall and proud.” And then there’s Wishbone, weighing in at 36 pounds, all of them country-music-loving.

The pardoning is still a day away, which means you have time to vote in the White House’s Twitter poll as to which bird should get the official pardoning.

The turkeys are currently neck-and-neck, thought it doesn’t really matter who wins. In the end, pardoned or not, both birds will be sent to Virginia Tech’s “Gobbler’s Rest” facility, where they will live out the rest of their days without being beheaded, buttered, or basted.

White House Asks Twitter Which Turkey It Should Pardon