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YouTube, Several Months Behind Everyone Else, Will Also Now Have Stories

Remember back in April when adding stories to a social platform was such A Thing that “[insert random thing ] will now have stories” became a meme? YouTube apparently just found out about the bit. This week, Google announced the company is introducing its own version of stories, the 24-hour content model invented by Snapchat and later borrowed, and improved by Instagram. YouTube’s version is called Reels.

Reels will let creators splice together up to 30 seconds of video at a time. Like stories on other platforms users will be given editing tools, including filters, music, captions, and stickers. Unlike other platforms, users will be able to post more than one story, er, uh, reel at a time. Reels also won’t expire, unlike a story on Instagram or Snapchat. The feature isn’t currently available and is still being tested, the company told Tech Crunch. Once it’s released, it will be a part of YouTube’s social platform, Community. Community is available to all creators with over 10,000 followers. (That’s a recent change, previously Community was a more select group.)

YouTube, Like Everyone Else, Will Also Now Have Stories