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Are Donald Trump’s Teeth Real? The Internet’s Best New Conspiracy Theory Says ‘No.’

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Did you watch Donald Trump’s speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital today? Yes? No? Maybe? You should watch it, if you haven’t already. When you do, you’ll likely notice that something — beyond the usual weirdness — seems a bit weird about the president’s speech pattern. Mostly that it seems like he is trying to talk around his teeth while they slip from his gums, causing him to slur his words to a nearly unintelligible degree. “God bless the United States” sounded more like “God bless the Ungited Schtates.”

On Twitter, an excellent conspiracy theory has arisen: Maybe Donald Trump wears dentures? Alternatively, it’s possible that he was just slurring his words that badly without any help from a set of fake teeth.

As for the answer — dentures or no dentures — it turns out that we’re not the first to wonder about the state of Trump’s teeth. A handy blog entry from the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry back in February notes, “[I]t does appear that Donald Trump received a smile makeover with porcelain restorations.” The post also points to a 2015 story from the Daily Beast featuring an anecdote about a cosmetic dentist showing off molds of Donald Trump’s teeth to another patient. The dentist reportedly whitened Trump’s veneers regularly. Still, who can shay for schertain whether or not hish teeth are real. Not ush.

Good Conspiracy Theory: Are Donald Trump’s Teeth Real?