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Roy Moore Won’t Accept Reality, Asks Supporters to Donate to ‘Election Integrity Fund’

No, Moore. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Failed Alabama Senate candidate and alleged sexual predator Roy Moore is not only still refusing to accept his loss to Democrat Doug Jones, he’s trying to raises funds to help discredit the election results. President Trump called for Moore to concede on Friday morning — as has Steve Bannon, reportedly — but Moore sent an email to supporters on Friday assuring them that “the battle is NOT OVER” and asking them to donate to an “election integrity fund.”

Jones defeated Moore roughly 50 to 48 percent in Tuesday’s special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by current attorney general Jeff Sessions. On Thursday, Moore claimed that the race was still too close to call because there were still some military and provisional ballots that hadn’t been counted, and that he wouldn’t give up until Alabama’s secretary of State, John Merrill, certified the vote totals. That won’t happen until December 26 at the earliest, but Merrill has already indicated that the ballots, which will be counted next week, are unlikely to change the result or trigger a recount.

Without math on his side, Moore is falling back on an old favorite from the conspiracy-minded right-wing playbook.

“My campaign team is busy collecting numerous reported cases of voter fraud and irregularities for the Secretary of State’s office,” Moore told supporters in his email. He said he needed another $75,000 to aid in the effort, since his campaign is now out of money. “Time is running out for conservatives to guarantee the integrity of this election,” the email continued, citing the looming reporting deadline for turning over the evidence.

Merrill has some bad news on that front as well. He told the AP that his office has already investigated reports of voting irregularities and that “we have not discovered any that have been proven factual in nature.”

Moore Wants Supporters’ Cash for ‘Election Integrity Fund’